2019 IFSA World Congress and NAFIPS Annual Conference

June 18-21, 2019 - Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

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IFSA - NAFIPS 2019: Technical Program

final version - last update 20 June 2019 (5:20)

A listing of Session Chairs is here.

A printed program will be distributed at registration. If a pdf version appeals to you, here it is

Monday, 17 June 2019

8:30-9:00 Room A (Madison)
Registration for CoProD 2019

9:00-12:45 Room A (Madison)
CoProD 2019

15:30-19:30 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)

17:00-18:30 Room A (Madison)
Summer School (Ildar Batyrshin)
open to all conference participants

  • Two Case Studies and Applications of VMDPetro (Visualization and Data Mining Tool for Petroleum Reservoirs) in the Analysis of Reservoir Dynamics:
    1. Analysis of Well Interference Based on Well Production Data
    2. Application of Dynamic 2D Maps in Aquifer Identification

19:00 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

8:00-12:00 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)

8:30-9:00 Room A (Madison)
Opening Remarks

9:00-10:00 Room A (Madison)
Keynote Lecture: James C. Bezdek
Applications of Maximin Sampling In BIG Data Cluster Analysis

10:00-10:20 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)
Coffee Break

10:20-11:20 Room A (Madison)
Decision Making

  • Weighted averages in the ordered weighted average inflation
    Ernesto Leon-Castro, Fabio Blaco-Mesa and Jose M. Merigo
  • Genetic Fuzzy System for Anticipating Athlete Decision Making in Virtual Reality
    Anoop Sathyan, Henry S. Harrison, Adam W. Kiefer, Paula L. Silva, Ryan MacPherson and Kelly Cohen

10:20-11:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Control I

  • Multiple Modeling and Fuzzy Switching Control of Fixed-Wing VTOL Tilt-Rotor UAV
    Yunus Govdeli, Anh Tuan Tran and Erdal Kayacan
  • Robust Evolving Granular Feedback Linearization
    Lucas Oliveira, Anderson Bento, Fernando Gomide and Valter Leite

11:20-12:20 Room A (Madison)
Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

  • Interval Value Probability Optimization as a Unifying Theory to Optimization Under Generalized Uncertainty
    Weldon Lodwick and K. David Jamison
  • Weight Estimation Methods Satisfying Desirable Properties in Interval AHP
    Masahiro Inuiguchi
  • On Fuzzy Optimization Foundation
    Laécio C. Barros, Nilmara Pinto and Estevão Esmi

11:20-12:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Control II

  • Cooperative FSEIF SLAM of Omnidirectional Mobile Multirobots
    Ching-Chih Tsai and Ying-Che Lai
  • Comparative Study of Fuzzy Controller Optimization with Dynamic Parameter Adjustment based on Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic 
    Marylu Lagunes, Oscar Castillo, Fevrier Valdez and Jose Soria

12:20-13:30 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)

13:30-14:30 Room A (Madison)
Aggregation and Pre-Aggregation Functions. Theory and Application I

  • Aggregation operators to evaluate the relevance of classes in a fuzzy partition
    Fabián Castiblanco, Camilo Franco De Los Ríos, Javier Montero and J. Tinguaro Rodríguez
  • Aggregation and pre-aggregation functions. Theory and Applications: A new axiomatic approach to interval-valued entropy
    Humberto Bustince, Javier Fernandez, Iosu Rodriguez, Borja de la Osa, Cédric Marco-Detchart, José Antonio Sanz Delgado and Zdenko Takáč 
  • Local Properties of Strengthened Ordered Directional and other Forms of Monotonicity
    Mikel Sesma-Sara, Laura De Miguel, Radko Mesiar, Javier Fernandez and Humberto Bustince

13:30-14:30 Room B (Courtyard)
Modelling and Uncertainty I

  • How Accurately Can We Determine the Coefficients: Case of Interval Uncertainty
    Michal Cerny and Vladik Kreinovich
  • Modeling and Specification of Nondeterministic Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems
    Yongzhi Cao, Yoshinori Ezawa, Guoqing Chen and Haiyu Pan
  • Fuzzy Transform in Time Series Decomposition
    Linh Nguyen and Vilem Novak

14:30-15:30 Room A (Madison)
Aggregation and Pre-Aggregation Functions. Theory and Application II

  • On the Influence of Interval Normalization in IVOVO Fuzzy Multi-class Classifier
    Mikel Uriz, Daniel Paternain, Humberto Bustince and Mikel Galar
  • The Influence of Induced OWA Operators in a Clustering Method
    Aránzazu Jurío, Mikel Sesma-Sara, José Antonio Sanz Delgado and Humberto Bustince

14:30-15:30 Room B (Courtyard)
Modelling and Uncertainty II

  • Discrete and Continuous Logistic p-Fuzzy Models
    Daniel Eduardo Sánchez, Estevão Esmi and Laécio Carvalho Barros
  • Uncertainty in Boundary Conditions – An Interval Finite Element Approach
    Rafi L. Muhanna and Shahrokh Shahi

15:50-16:50 Room A (Madison)
NAFIPS Event: A short movie about Lotfi A. Zadeh, followed by a talk on Lotfi A. Zadeh by Shahnaz Shahbazova

17:00-20:15 Room A (Madison)
Summer School (Ildar Batyrshin)
open to all conference participants

  • Two lectures on an Outline and Applications of a General Theory of Similarity, Correlation and Association Measures:
    1. Theoretical foundations
    2. Practical guides for constructing and application of DSM and CC for different types of data

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

9:00-10:00 Room A (Madison)
Keynote Lecture: Kelly Cohen
The Promise and Potential of Genetic Fuzzy Systems for Bio-Medical Applications

10:00-10:20 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)
Coffee Break

10:20-11:20 Room A (Madison)
Mathematics I

  • Generalized Pre-Aggregations
    Luis Magdalena, Daniel Gómez, Javier Montero, Susana Cubillo and Carmen Torres 
  • Functors among Categories of L-fuzzy partitions, L-fuzzy Pretopological Spaces and L-fuzzy Closure Spaces
    Jiří Močkoř and Irina Perfilieva 
  • Measure of Interactivity on Fuzzy Process Autocorrelated: Malthusian model
    Francielle Santo Pedro, Estevão Esmi and Laécio C. Barros 

10:20-11:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Recommendation Systems

  • Personalized Promotion Recommendation through Consumer Experience Evolution Modeling
    Cong Wang, Guoqing Chen, Qiang Wei, Guannan Liu and Xunhua Guo
  • Effect of Maximizing Recall and Agglomeration of Feedback on Accuracy
    Ross Macdonald, Nikita Neveditsin, Pawan Lingras and Trent Hillard
  • New Fuzzy Approaches to Cryptocurrencies Investment Recommendation Systems
    Vinicius Luis Amaral, Emmanuel Tavares Affonso, Alisson Marques Silva, Gray Farias Moita and Paulo Eduardo Almeida

11:20-12:20 Room A (Madison)
Mathematics II

  • Comparison Between Numerical Solutions of Fuzzy Initial Value Problems via Interactive and Standard Arithmetics
    Vinicius Wasques, Estevão Esmi, Laécio C. Barros and Barnabás Bede
  • Calculations of Zadeh’s Extension of Piecewise Linear Functions
    Nicole Skorupova and Jiri Kupka 
  • Fuzzy Octonion Numbers: Some Analytical Properties
    Ricardo Augusto Watanabe, Cibele Cristina Trinca Watanabe and Estevão Esmi

11:20-12:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Relations And Preferences

  • Canonical Fuzzy Preference Relations
    Thomas Runkler
  • Typicality of Features in Fuzzy Relational Compositions
    Martin Stepnicka, Nhung Cao, Michal Burda and Ales Dolny 
  • The Dominance, Covering and Supercovering Relations in the Context of Multiple Partially Specified Reciprocal Relations
    Raúl Pérez-Fernández, Irene Diaz, Susana Montes and Bernard De Baets

12:20-13:30 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)

12:20-13:30 Room A (Madison)
IFSA Council Meeting

13:30-14:30 Room A (Madison)
Mathematics III

  • Generalized Ordinal Sum Constructions of t-norms on Bounded Lattices
    Antonin Dvorak and Michal Holcapek
  • Group Assessment of Comparable Items from the Incomplete Judgments
    Tomoe Entani
  • Fuzzy Primeness in Quantales
    Flaulles Bergamaschi and Regivan Santiago

13:30-14:30 Room B (Courtyard)
Linguistic Expressions, Negation

  • Fuzzy bi-implications Generated by t-norms and Fuzzy Negations
    Antonio Diego Silva Farias, Claudio Callejas, João Marcos, Benjamin Bedregal and Regivan Santiago
  • On Modeling of Generalized Syllogisms with Intermediate Quantifiers
    Petra Murinová 
  • A formal Model of the Intermediate Quantifiers “A few, Several, A little”
    Vilém Novák and Petra Murinová

14:30-15:30 Room A (Madison)
Fuzzy Numbers

  • A Ranking Method of Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers based on their Possibilistic Mean Values
    Worrawate Leela-Apiradee and Phantipa Thipwiwatpotjana 
  • Some Notes on Additions of Interactive Fuzzy Numbers
    Estevão Esmi, Laécio C. Barros and Vinicius Wasques
  • A Note on the Centroid, Yager Index and Sample Mean for Fuzzy Numbers
    Juan Carlos Figueroa-García, Jairo Soriano and Miguel Melgarejo

14:30-15:30 Room B (Courtyard)

  • Hybrid Connection between Fuzzy Rough Sets and Ordered Fuzzy Numbers
    Piotr Prokopowicz and Marcin Szczuka
  • Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Full-State Constrained High-Order Stochastic Nonlinear System
    Wei Sun and Shun-Feng Su
  • Granular Rules for Medical Diagnosis
    Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano

15:30-15:50 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)
Coffee Break

15:50-17:20 Room A (Madison)
Roundtable discussion: Reminiscences of Lofti A. Zadeh

  • Anca Ralescu, Jim Bezdek, Vladik Kreinovich, Laszlo Koczy and Rudolf Seising (with video contributions from Didier Dubois and Henri Prade)

19:00 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)

Thursday, 20 June 2019

9:00-10:00 Room A (Madison)
Keynote Lecture: Susana Montes
Divergence measures as a tool for comparing sets and measuring their imprecision

10:00-10:20 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)
Coffee Break

10:20-11:20 Room A (Madison)
Applications I

  • Intuitionistic Fuzzy Model of Jam Regions and Rush Hours for the Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem
    Ruba Almahasneh, Boldizsar Tuu-Szabo, Peter Foldesi and Laszlo Koczy
  • A Petri Net Model for Home Automation
    Jean-David Hsu and Tsau Young Lin
  • Back to Classics: Controlling Smart Thermostats with Natural Language... with personalization
    Saltanat Tazhibayeva, Panagiota Karava and Julia Rayz

10:20-11:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Maps & Memory

  • On the Implementation of Evolving Dynamic Cognitive Maps
    Joao Paulo Carvalho
  • Hospital Data Interpretation: A Self-Organizing Map Approach
    Javid Pourkia, Shahram Rahimi and Kourosh Teimouri Baghaei
  • A Subsethod Interval Associative Memory with Competitive Learning
    Peter Sussner, Estevão Esmi and Luis Gustavo Jardim

11:20-12:20 Room A (Madison)
Applications II

  • Least Square Method with Quasi Linearly Interactive Fuzzy Data: Fitting an HIV dataset
    Nilmara J.B. Pinto, Estevão Esmi, Vinicius Wasques and Laécio C. Barros
  • STRESSDIAG: A Fuzzy Expert System for Diagnosis of Stress Types including Positive and Negative Rules
    Thi Nu Mai, Hoang Phuong Nguyen and Tien Dung Hoang 
  • Fuzziness and Humor: Aspects of Interaction and Computation
    Julia Taylor Rayz and Victor Raskin

11:20-12:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Inter-Relation Between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques

  • How to Fuse Expert Knowledge: Not Always "And" But a Fuzzy Combination of "And" and "Or"
    Christian Servin, Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich
  • Why Grade Distribution Is Often Multi-Modal: an Uncertainty-Based Explanation
    Olga Kosheleva, Christian Servin and Vladik Kreinovich
  • Logarithms Are Not Infinity: A Rational Physics-Related Explanation of the Mysterious Statement by Lev Landau
    Francisco Zapata, Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich

12:20-13:30 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)
Lunch (NAFIPS Board Meeting)

12:20-13:30 Room A (Madison)
NAFIPS Board Meeting

13:30-14:30 Room A (Madison)
Data Modelling

  • Design of Distributed Knowledge on Base of Fuzzy Neural Networks
    Shahnaz Shahbazova
  • Modeling Probabilistic Data with Fuzzy Probability Measures in UML Class Diagrams
    Jie Sheng, Li Yan and Zongmin Ma 
  • Fuzzy Transfer Learning in Heterogeneous Space using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models
    Hua Zuo, Guangquan Zhang and Jie Lu

13:30-14:30 Room B (Courtyard)
Collaborative Search and Parameter Optimization

  • Integration of Bayesian Decision Theory and Computing with Words: A novel Approach to Decision Support with Z-numbers
    Nina Marhamati
  • Firefly Algorithm and Grey Wolf Optimizer for Constrained Real-Parameter Optimization
    Luis Rodriguez, Oscar Castillo, Mario Garcia Valdez and Jose Soria 
  • Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Augmentation of the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Dynamic Parameter Adaptation
    Emer Bernal, Oscar Castillo, Jose Soria and Fevrier Valdez

15:00-16:00 Room A (Madison)
NAFIPS General Meeting

17:30 Randol's Restaurant et Salle de Danse
Social Event: Randol's (Cajun Music, Dancing, and Seafood)

  • The bus, seating 55, is scheduled to leave the hotel at 17:30. If more than 55 are going, the bus will return (around 18:00) for a second load. Randol's is located at 2320 Kaliste Saloom Rd. in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Friday, 21 June 2019

9:00-10:00 Room A (Madison)
Keynote Lecture: Janusz Kacprzyk
Cognitive biases in choice and decision making: a potential role of fuzzy logic

10:00-10:20 Break Room (Lafayette Evangeline)
Coffee Break

10:20-11:20 Room A (Madison)
Classification & Clustering I

  • Information Transmission and Nonspecificity in Feature Selection
    Pasi Luukka and Christoph Lohrmann
  • An Approach to Pulse Symbols Based Fuzzy Reasoning in Diagnosis of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine Including the Importance of Symptoms
    Hoang Phuong Nguyen, Anh Nguyen and Hong Thuy Truong
  • Fuzzy Rule-based Classification with Hypersphere Information Granules
    Chen Fu and Wei Lu 

10:20-11:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Neural Networks and Interpretations

  • Simulating the behaviour of Choquet-like (pre) Aggregation Functions for Image Resizing in the Pooling Layer of Deep Learning Networks
    Camila Alves Dias, Jessica Camila Saldivia Bueno, Eduardo Nunes Borges, Giancarlo Lucca, Helida Santos, Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Humberto Bustince, Paulo Lilles Jorge Drews Junior, Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho and Eduardo Palmeira 
  • Fuzzy Systems with Sigmoid-based Membership Functions as Interpretable Neural Networks
    Barnabas Bede
  • An Interpretation of the Fuzzy Measure Associated with Choquet Calculus for a HIV Transference Model
    Beatriz Laiate, Rosana M. Jafelice, Estevão Esmi and Laécio C. Barros

11:20-12:20 Room A (Madison)
Classification & Clustering II

  • Fuzzy Classifier with Convolution for Classification of Handwritten Digits
    Rui Yin and Wei Lu 
  • Granular Computing: On Study of Collaborative Evidential Clustering Algorithm with Applications
    Yixuan Qiao, Shoumei Li and Thierry Denoeux 
  • Relevance of Polynomial Order in Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Inference Systems applied to Diagnosis Problems
    Emanuel Ontiveros-Robles, Patricia Melin and Oscar Castillo

11:20-12:20 Room B (Courtyard)
Similarities and Antonym

  • Fuzzy Set Similarity between Fuzzy Words
    Valerie Cross and Valeria Mokrenko
  • Integrating Antonyms in Fuzzy Inferential Systems via Anti-Membership
    Scott Dick and Peter Sussner
  • Contrast Similarity Measures of Fuzzy Sets
    Ildar Batyrshin, Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich, Nailya Kubysheva and Raouf Akhtiamov

12:20-13:30 Meal Room (Acadia Iberia)

13:30-13:40 Room A (Madison)
Conference Closing

Charter Bus to FUZZ-IEEE in New Orleans

  • The charter bus going to the JW Marriott Hotel in New Orleans, the site of FUZZ-IEEE, will leave from the Wyndham Garden Inn at 15:00.