Mathematics 656 Course Description

Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis, Spring, 2004

The title of the course is Implementation and Applications of Verified Global Optimization Algorithms.  Our tentative goals are:

  1. to identify specific problems and classes of problems (from the literature and from colleagues) for which additional work would be valuable;
  2. to more fully implement the convex underestimator studies we did during Fall, 2003 Math. 655  within the GlobSol environment, and to analyze the practical problems we have identified within this context;
  3. to analyze associated techniques, such as modern software for solving linear programming problems, to understand better how this technology impacts global optimization algorithms.

The course format is subject to change. As in the fall, we wish to optimize the chances of producing significant advances, as evidenced in publications in recognized journals in the field.

See the course outlineperiodically for details.

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