Mathematics 556, Spring, 2004 Computing Equipment

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Many of the problems in the text deal with  numerical computations, and individual projects can also involve programming.  Here are the options available:

The computers in our classroom (MDD 212) :
These computers have the following software of interest to us:
  • Mathematica version 4
  • Matlab version 6
  • C and C++ compilers
  • These computers will be publicly available at the following times:
    The computers in MDD 401:
    These computers have:
    The UCS computers (in Stephens Hall and the UL Conference Center, and also accessible remotely through Telnet and X-Windows clients)
    These computers have:

    Depending on the speed of the procurement process, we may also have a state-of-the-art Linux-based workstation available for large, memory and processor-intensive computations, before the end of the semester.  However, this equipment is meant primarily for research, and will definitely be available to students if they pursue scientific computing interests after completion of the course.

    Students  may also arrange with the instructor to use the Sparc Ultras on the fourth floor of Maxim D. Doucet Hall. Students need to initialize their accounts. The Computing Center also offers tutorials on how to use the Unix-based systems (logging on, using the editor, etc.) Information on how to run the Fortran 90 compiler can be obtained by typing man f90. General information about the UCS system can be obtained by typing learn . Students may also consult the instructor if they have questions about this or other computing equipment or software, for use with this course.

    See also the information on resources (although this material may be slightly out-of-date).