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  1. You have been handed out these instructions, a course outline, course policy, and assignments.
  2. The above items and more are available over the World Wide Web at the URL
  3. A copy of the text has been placed on two-hour reserve in Dupré library. You should purchase your copy from Campus Copies, across St. Mary street from the Mathematics Department.
  4. Prof. Kearfott is at a conference on the first day of classes (Friday, August 29), but will meet the second class (after Labor Day, on Wednesday, September 3).
  5. You should do the following as homework between the first class period and when Prof. Kearfott returns:
    1. Read the first section of the text, as indicated on the ``assignments" sheet.
    2. Do your best to do the first written assignment. (If you have trouble, Prof. Kearfott will help you when he gets back.)
    3. Learn how to use a web browser (on your personal computer, in the departmental Computational Research Laboratory, on the UCS system, or on the Mathematics / Computer Science Sun Sparc 5 system), and explore the course notes at the URL given above.

Kearfott R. Baker
Thu Aug 21 12:23:35 CDT 1997