Math. 555, Fall, 2005 Required Work and Grading

Work: The written assignments from the manuscript will be the work in the course.   In addition, the students are urged to find mistakes in the manuscript and give suggestions for improvements.  The I (R. B. Kearfott) will judge the significance of such corrections and suggestions students submit, and, on my discretion, add bonus points to the grade or substitute the suggestion or correction for one or more problems from the official assignment.

There may be a final project, due the day of the final exam, or a final exam.  In either case, this will count as
two or more assignments.

You may estimate your grade according to the following schedule:

         90%-100% = "A";
         80%-89%  = "B";
         65%-79%  = "C";
         50%-65%  = "D";
         <50%     = "F".
(I compute percentages on each assignment, then average the percentages.)