Math. 487-02, Spring, 2002 Notebooks

These are Mathematica notebooks used during class.  They are not all perfect, but illustrate how to explore, experiment, and learn.  These notebooks were created mostly during class.

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R. Baker Kearfott

  1. January 28, 2002 (An illustration of styles, and composing a notebook a notebook.)

  2. Also, the simple computations in the "tour."
  3. January 30, 2002 (More of the "tour;" algebraic manipulations, limits, series, derivatives.)
  4. February 5, 2002 (An illustration of numerical integration using series and other techniques.)
  5. February 8, 2002 (Optimization, solving differential equations.)

  6. Also, a simple example of using a Taylor series to solve an initial value problem.
  7. February 15, 2002 (Importing and exporting data; elementary statistics.)
  8. February 22, 2002 (Use of "while" statement; a plot to support a classroom mathematical discussion.)
  9. February 27, 2002 (Matrix operations and linear algebra.)
  10. March 1, 2002 (Use of the "while" statement to set up iterations; a simple illustration of Newton's method.)
  11. March 4, 2002 (Matrix inverses, LU-decompositions, pseudo-inverses, "." multiplication.)
  12. March 6, 2002 (More on LU decompositions.)
  13. March 8, 2002 (Solution of linear systems and interval arithmetic.)
  14. March 13, 2002 (A study of roundoff error in difference quotients.)