Mathematical Modelling

This page may change throughout the semester.

Web-based resources:

Our previous texts:

  • Boyce and DiPrima, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Seventh Edition (our Math. 350 text).
  • Look at 3.8, p. 186 ff, ff.: We will carefully review the derivation of the vibrating spring, and also look at the derivation of of pendulum motion from several points of view.
  • 9.4-9.5 (competing species).
  • 9.8: The Lorenz equations: We will also look at additional literature seeing how these equations were derived.
  • Appendix A, p. 614 (derivation of the heat conduction equation)
  • McKallum, Hughes-Hallet, and Gleason, Multivariate Calculus, Third Edition (our Math. 302 text): There are various simple models here.
  • Additional texts:

    Some references for computer languages, etc.: