Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers

This page may change throughout the semester.
  • The "ODE Architect" software that comes with the text.
  • Duke University's "Connected Curriculum Project" materials can be found at  (These are mostly Maple-based, but there are some with Mathematica. )
  • Prof. Lan Ke's Introduction to Mathematica (PDF format)
  • Mathematica info on the web (compiled by Prof. Ke)
  • Books on Mathematica (the software we will be using for the course).
  • On-line version of the Mathematica Book(the definitive reference on Mathematica)
  • Mathematica notebook for Euler's method
  • Mathematica notebook that compares resonance and approximate resonance
  • Mathematica notebook that illustrates use of Laplace Transforms
  • A list of common errors on students' papers

  • Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Office hours and telephone, Email: