Math. 350-05, Fall, 2017 Hints for the Exams

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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/ The first exam / The second exam / The third exam / The fourth exam / The final exam /

Note:  Previously given exams are available below in  PDF format.    PDF files can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed on most newer machines, and available as a free download.

The first exam:
copy of the first exam (in PDF)
first exam answers (in PDF)

The second exam:
copy of the second exam (in PDF)
second exam answers (in PDF)

The third exam:
copy of the third exam (in PDF)
third exam answers (in PDF)

The final exam:
copy of the final exam (in PDF)
final exam answers (in PDF)