Math. 302-03, Spring, 2008 Hints for the Exams

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office hours and telephone, Email:

This page will change throughout the semester.

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Note:  Previously given exams are available below in Postscript and PDF formats.

The First Exam:
The first exam was be on Monday, February 11, and covered Chapter 12 of the text.,
PDF copy of the first exam
first exam answers (PDF)

The Second Exam:
PDF copy of the second exam
second exam answers (PDF)

The Third Exam:
PDF copy of the third exam
third exam answers (PDF)

The Fourth Exam
PDF copy of the fourth exam
fourth exam answers (PDF)

The Fifth Exam
PDF copy of the fifth exam
fifth exam answers (PDF)

The Final Exam
PDF copy of the final exam
final exam answers (PDF)