Math. 302-04, Fall, 2017 Hints for the Exams

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office hours and telephone, Email:

This page will change throughout the semester.

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Note:  Previously given exams are available below in Postscript and PDF formats.

The First Exam:

copy of the first exam (in PDF)
first exam answers (in PDF)

The Second Exam:

copy of the second exam (in PDF)
 second exam answers (in PDF)

The Third Exam:

copy of the third exam (in PDF)
third exam answers (in PDF)

The Fourth Exam

copy of the fourth exam (in PDF)
fourth exam answers (in PDF)

The Fifth Exam

The Final Exam
 The final exam will be held Monday, December 4, 2017 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM in MDD 211.  There will be 7 problems on it, as follows.
  1. Determine an equation for the plane containing a particular point and perpendicular to a line given by two points.
  2. Derive an equation for the tangent plane to a particular functions at a particular point.
  3. Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum of a function over a square.
  4. Compute a volume integral.  (You will need to recognize which of three coordinate systems to use.)
  5. Compute a surface integral. (You may be able to do this one easily by understanding the geometrical meaning of the integral.)
  6. Show that a given vector field is conservative, and use that fact to compute a line integral.
  7. Use Stokes' theorem to compute the flux across a given surface.
It took me 78 minutes to carefully write up the answers, whereas the class will have 150 minutes.  The longest problem, computationally, is problem 3.  However, much time could be spent on problems 4 through 7 if people don't fully understand them or if the easiest solution procedure is not chosen.

copy of the final exam (in PDF)
final exam answers (in PDF)