Math.  302-02 , Summer, 2015 Required Work

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office hours and telephone, Email:

Assignments from Wiley Plus will be given on each section, there will be several in-class exams, and an in-class final exam will be given.   Students are also urged to read the material before it is discussed in class, so  intelligent questions can be asked (as necessary), and so  class participation will be meaningful. A common rule of thumb is that at least two hours of study will be spent outside of class for each hour of study spent in class. 

Warning: The summer format for the course is more intense than during a regular semester, with the material covered more rapidly.  It is important students attend all classes and not fall behind in out-of-class reading and homework.  Also note the syllabus is designed for a regular semester.  Although it has 40 lessons, we will have at most 34 class periods to cover individual lessons.  That means we will cover more than one of the 40 topics on the syllabus per class period.

Math 302-02, Summer, 2015 Grading Policy

         Wiley plus homework:        20%
         Class participation:        Interaction between instructor and students is meant to
aid students to increase their competency, to make the
experience both worthwhile and enjoyable.

         Tests:                      50%
         Final Exam:                 30%
You may estimate your letter grade from:
         90%-100% = "A";
         80%-89%  = "B";
         65%-79%  = "C";
         50%-65%  = "D";
         <50%     = "F".