Math.  302-03 , Spring, 2015 Required Work

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office hours and telephone, Email:

Assignments from Wiley Plus will be given on each section.  Additionally, homework will be collected and graded approximately once a week. Students are also urged to read the material before it is discussed in class, so  intelligent questions can be asked (as necessary), and so  class participation will be meaningful. A common rule of thumb is that at least two hours of study will be spent outside of class for each hour of study spent in class.

Math 302-03, Spring, 2015 Grading Policy

         Written homework:           15% 
Wiley plus homework: 15%
         Class participation:        Interaction between instructor and students is meant to
aid students to increase their competency, to make the
experience both worthwhile and enjoyable.

         Tests:                      45%
         Final Exam:                 25%
You may estimate your letter grade from:
         90%-100% = "A";
         80%-89%  = "B";
         65%-79%  = "C";
         50%-65%  = "D";
         <50%     = "F".