Math. 301 Required Work

Assignments will be due daily. Although not all of these will be collected, the material on the syllabus will be due the day after it is discussed in class. Many of the problems will be done in class as a collaborative effort, while others will be collected and graded. Students are also urged to read the material before it is discussed in class, so that intelligent questions can be asked (as necessary), and so that class participation will be meaningful. A common rule of thumb is that at least two hours of study will be spent outside of class for each hour of study spent in class.

Math. 301 Grading Policy

         Written homework:           10% or less
         Class participation:        10%
         Tests:                      55% or more
         Final Exam:                 25% or more
These weights are tentative, and may be adjusted to reflect the amount of homework actually graded. You may estimate your letter grade from:
         90%-100% = "A";
         80%-89%  = "B";
         65%-79%  = "C";
         50%-65%  = "D";
         <50%     = "F".