Math. 270-05, Fall, 2005 Hints for the Exams

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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Note:  Previously given exams are available below in PDF format.

The first exam
The first exam will be on Friday, September 9, 2005.  It will include all of Chapter 1.  You will need to bring your own paper to present your answers, and you will find a scientific calculator useful.  (Contact me if that is a problem.)  Pay particular attention to the following:
  1. Exponential models of growth and decay.  (Expect a word problem in which you will need to answer several questions.)
  2. Rates of growth of functions of various kinds, including polynomials, rational functions, logarithms, exponentials, etc.  Be able to compare the rates of growth of different functions.
  3. Solution of equations that contain the variables in exponents.
  4. The limit notation; existence of limits (or not), and computing limits.
Copy of the first exam (PDF)
Answers to the first exam (PDF)

The second exam
The second exam will be on Monday, September 26, and will cover all of  Chapter 2 (the concept of a derivative).  If you have done all of the assigned problems on the syllabus and have done the review problems, then you should be well-prepared.
Copy of the second exam (PDF)
Answers to the second exam (PDF)

Second exam, second chance
This exam will be similar to the first try of the second exam, except that derivatives of exponential functions may be included.  It will be on Monday, October 3.  As indicated in class, the grade for exam 2 will be the maximum of the two grades on the two chances for the second exam.  Be sure to bring your student ID to class on October 3.
Copy of the second exam, second chance (PDF)
Answers to the second exam, second chance (PDF)

The third exam
The third exam will be on Tuesday, October 25, and will cover the material in Chapter 3 of the text.  In particular:

Copy of the third exam (PDF)
Answers to the third exam (PDF)
The fourth exam
The fourth exam will be on Friday, November 11.  Problems representative of the material in Chapter 4 of the text will be on the exam.
Copy of the fourth exam (PDF)
Answers to the fourth exam (PDF)

The fifth exam
The fourth exam was on Thursday, December 1.  Problems representative of the material in Chapter 5 of the text were on the exam.
Copy of the fifth exam (PDF)
Answers to the fifth exam (PDF)

The final exam
The final exam will be on Wednesday, December 5 in our usual room (MDD 309) between 10:15 AM and 12:45 PM.  The exam will be closed-book, but you can use a scientific calculator.  You will need to bring your own paper.  The exam will be comprehensive, and will consist of either problems from the text or modifications of problems from the text.  Pay close attention to:

(There may be other items occurring on the final in addition to those listed above.)
Copy of the final exam (PDF)
Answers to the final exam (PDF)