Math. 455 Required Work

Instructor: R. Baker Kearfott, Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Office hours and telephone, Email:

Work: There will be both written assignments and assignments requiring use of computational equipment (as in the resources writeup). For a list of problems that are due, as well as when they are due, see the assignments page for your semester and year..

There will be tests as shown in the course outline. These may be in-class or take-home, open-book or closed-book. I may allow you to drop one of the grades. The final exam will be at the time listed in the class schedule. There will be no exemptions.

On computer homework: Computer homework involves more than just writing the program and testing it. All computer output that is handed in must be accompanied by an explanation of the results. (In particular, pay attention to how roundoff error may affect the results, and explain why you think the program is correct, and, if applicable, why certain results surprise you.) Furthermore, you are expected to follow a good programming style; I will give pointers in class and if you consult me. Feel free to use computing equipment for any problems that involve a large amount of computation.